Favorite Mounts

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Favorite Mounts

Posted: 12.05.2023 - 01:32  ·  #1
Hello! :)

Here I will show you all my favorite mounts, wether I use them practically whenever I play FFXIV, or just because I like their appearance very much. I would like to mention that I will show my number 1 at the end - following the motto "save the best for last" So stay tuned for that. 😀

(This thread will be constantly updated if I have something new to upload.)

[attachment=6]2023-04-06 03-32-11_Ril - Conviction.jpg[/attachment]
My second favorite mount is the Megalotragus. It may look creepy, but it has been a loyal companion so far.

[attachment=5]2023-04-07 08-11-48_Wifi_Blessing.jpg[/attachment]
The next one is the Cavalry Drake. I had to gather the special event tomestones to acquire it. All the hard work paid off in the end. 💜‚Äč

[attachment=4]2023-04-07 08-45-49_EG11 - 01 - Darklite.jpg[/attachment]
The Lunar Kamuy is also a mount that I like to use. Among all Kamuys, it is my favorite.

[attachment=3]2023-05-11 20-33-14_Maya Gratitude.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=2]2023-05-11 20-43-48_Maya Gratitude.jpg[/attachment]
It sure is a shop mount, but I still love him so so much, look how cute he is! It's the Spriggan Stonecarrier.

[attachment=1]2023-05-23 02-21-14_Glow Sunset.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]2023-05-23 02-00-14_Glow Sunset.jpg[/attachment]
The Island Eggplant Knight is the next one of my favorites.
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