Tanks not capable of using "Provoke"

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Tanks not capable of using "Provoke"

Posted: 07.05.2023 - 23:45  ·  #1
It's great when you, as a DD/Healer (in this case, me as the DD), have the boss's aggro because none of the remaining tanks (2 out of 3, the third one was dead) wanted to provoke the boss. Also many people died because they didn't moved into the green puddle in the moment the boss began to cast "Mega Death". It was almost a wipe.

We wiped on "Ozma" though, because people were moving with the bomb debuff (what they should not), the tank didn't move to the side when targeted by Ozma after it transformed into the cube form, and the AoE attack (only tank should eat this) hit everyone. Those who were still alive already had low health, so they died right after the beam hit them.

The final boss was almost a wipe too.

Date when it happened: Today (07.05.2023)
Boss: They basically had with all bosses big struggles. Lmao...
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